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Analyzing regional economic resilience in the Košice region

Gabriela Koľveková
Iveta Korobaničová
Technical University in Košice

DOI: 10.26366/PTE.ZG.2016.66

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Cytowanie: Koľveková, G. i Korobaničová, I. (2016). Analyzing regional economic resilience in the Košice Region. Zeszyty Naukowe Polskiego Towarzystwa Ekonomicznego w Zielonej Górze, 3 (5), 79-88.

KODY JEL: J21, R10, R11, R12

Resilience of any area in question is linked with its structure, which is being built and rebuilt over the years. For instance, Košice city reinforces for most sector of Information, communication and as well its sector of Art, entertainment and recreation. After implementing strategy of reinforcement the city can be better up to the task to cope with shocks. Similarly other areas, this paper was trying to shed light on this topic by implementing methodology of localization quotient and using data for seven cities in Eastern Slovak Republic. The analysis provides comparison in structure and resilience potential of cities in terms of employment.

Key words: resilience, regional development, shock, economic crisis