Information for Authors

The Editorial Board of the Scientific Journal of the Polish Economic Society requests the authors to familiarize themselves the following requirements and observe the outlined principles:

  1. Editors accept - unpublished by other publishing houses - scientific texts devoted to broadly understood issues in the field of social sciences - mainly articles on issues in the field of economics, finance, management, and administration.
  2. The original version of the journal is the electronic version published continuously on the Internet.
  3. The text sent for publication should have clearly separated components (introduction, chapters, possible sub-chapters, summary, bibliography). It should be accompanied by a summary in Polish and English containing: purpose, research method, results, originality / value, keywords, JEL classification codes. The author is obliged to provide e-mail address and ORCID.
  4. Submitting a text for publication is tantamount to a declaration that the author has full copyrights to the text and consent to its publication in the Scientific Journals in electronic version.
  5. Each text undergoes a double-blind review procedure. The condition for qualifying the text for publication is positive opinions of reviewers.
  6. The author is obliged to disclose the contribution of individual authors to the publication (with their affiliation and contribution), with the author submitting the material for publication being primarily responsible. The article must be accompanied by a declaration stating the participation (contribution) of individual persons in its preparation and the fact that the rights of third parties have not been infringed.
  7. The author submitting the material should inform the editorial office about the sources of financing the publication, the contribution of scientific and research institutions, associations, and other entities.
  8. The authors are responsible for the material presented for publication, including compliance with the copyright related to it.
  9. The text of the article should be delivered through the Editorial Panel - available at: or by e-mail.
  10. The editorial office reserves the right to amend the title, abbreviations, and editorial corrections in the article, in accordance with the requirements of the journal.
  11. The editorial office reserves the right to verify compliance with ethical principles, including the use of anti-plagiarism systems (eg
  12. The editorial office cooperates with the authors on an ongoing basis in the process of editing the article. Authors are obliged to immediately respond to editorial inquiries and correct texts within the prescribed period. 
  13. Editors do not pay fees to authors of published articles.
  14. Editors assign DOI numbers to the published articles - via the mEDRA Registration Agency.
  15. Since 2021, the Editorial Board has been publishing articles in Open Access (CC BY 4.0) Attribution 4.0 International. More on this in the Open Access Policy and in the author's declaration.
  16. Publishing articles in the Scientific Journal of PTE is free of charge - authors do not pay any fees for reviews, editing and publication of their papers.
  17. Editors ask the authors to read the following documents: