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The Editorial Board of the Scientific Journals of the Polish economic Society requests the authors to familiarize themselves the following requirements and observe the outlined principles

1. The Editorial Board accepts scientific texts devoted to broadly understood issues related to the theory of economy and management, theory and practice of economic integration, economic, regional and social policy, economics of the Job market, economics of the environment and sustainable development as well as economics of towns and regions, not published by other publishing houses.
2. Submissions of texts for publication is conditioned by the declaration that the authors have full copyrights to the texts and that they agree for the publication of papers in the Scientific Journals of the Polish Economic society in the paper form, which is primary, as well as in electronic form.
3. Each text undergoes the procedure of double review.
4. Authors are obliged to reveal the contribution of particular authors to the publication (including their affiliation ad scope of contribution); yet main responsibility is hold by the author submitting the material for publication. Papers must be supplemented with declaration confirming the contribution of particular persons in preparation of texts and the fact that no rights of any third party are violated. Declarations must be submitted and signed by authors of papers.
5. The author submitting materials should inform the editorial Board about the sources of financing the publication, contribution of scientific and research institutes, associations or other subjects.
6. Then authors are responsible for the material submitted for publication and must observe related copyrights.
7. Texts are expected to be submitted by e-mail.
8. The Editorial Board reserves the right to introduce changes in the title, abbreviations and editorial corrections in accordance with the requirements of the periodical.
9. The Editorial Board cooperated with the authors in the en tire process of editing on a systematic basis. Authors are expected to respond to requests of the Board immediately and correct submitted texts at the determined time.
10. The Editorial Board does not return submitted texts.
11. Authors of published papers receive one free copy of the journal in which the paper was published.
12. The Editorial Board does not pay any author’s fees for published papers.